Tebramil, Supporting Mothers and Babies for a Happier Tomorrow.

TEBRAMIL Infant Milk is a new brand of Swiss Made and Swiss Inspired Premium Infant nutrition from Pharmex, Switzerland.

Balanced and complete, it offers a wide range of formulas designed to support each stage of babies growth, while covering their special dietary needs.

Developed with innovative processes, supported by over 100 years of infant nutrition experience, Tebramil has no unnecessary additives, and delivers a range of daily recommended nutrients (prebiotics, vitamins, DHA, ARA, nucleotides, proteins, minerals, essential fatty acids) infants need for healthy and uninterrupted physical, immunological and intellectual development.

Tebramil, Swiss Made Nutrition, Inspired by Nature.


From our caring hands to Yours

From our pampering alpine farms to our state-of-the-art factories, to your home, we leave nothing to chance in delivering the superior quality you deserve for those who are so precious and dear to you.

Nurturing Swiss/EU Farms

Like your infant, our cows are nurtured, pampered and 100% Non-GMO certified. We believe Happy cows produce healthy milk!

World Class Distribution & Customer Care

Recommended by Physicians and Pharmacists, and conveniently available both on and off -line, we are always ready to help you choose our best formulas.

State-of-the-art Factories

Located within minutes of the best dairy farms, equipped with world-class food processing technologies, and staffed by highly-trained Swiss nutrition professionals and technicians.

Cutting-edge & Timely Logistics

Allows us to deliver our precious cargo with the utmost of care.

200 Quality Checks

Meticulous attention to Quality and Hygiene are Swiss traditions and core to our culture.

We dedicate 10% of our production team to quality excellence and 100% of the Tebramil Family to assuring that you receive the world’s best infant nutrition for your child.

Clean, Intuitive & Instructive Packaging

To ensure that every serving of milk is fresh and at its best. And to ease Moms, Dads and Caregivers transition from novice to expert feeder.


With TEBRAMIL Swiss and EU produced products, your infants and toddlers will have the best possible nutritional start in life.

From our Standard formulas, which provides a complete balance of essential nutrients comparable to those found in mothers’ milk, to our Specialty formulas, developed to address the special dietary needs and feeding problems of your child, all of our formulas are designed to ensure your little ones are given the best-recommended nutrients in their crucial first three years of life.

All Tebramil formulas are Gluten-free & 100% Non-GMO.
Tebramil, Swiss Made Nutrition,Inspired by Nature!

Three High Quality Ranges

Developed as three separate ranges: Tebramil, Tebramil Premium and Tebramil Super Premium, the Tebramil line is designed to fit your budget while ensuring that your child gets the highest quality nutrients at each stage of their early development.

TEBRAMIL Super Premium is our most advanced and nutritionally complete range of milk formulas developed for infants and toddlers ages 0 to 3 years.

Specially fortified with Lactoferrin, which supports the healthy development of your infant’s gastrointestinal system, and with Beta Palmitate, for optimal growth energy, plus a host of other nutrients, it is our closest replica to breast milk.

Precision made in the EU, these ultra-high-quality premium formulations provides all of the nutrients your child will need for healthy, undisturbed growth and development in their critical first years.

TEBRAMIL Premium is our most specialized range of nutritionally-balanced milk formulas developed for infants and toddlers ages 0 to 3 years with both normal and specialized dietary needs.

Precision made in Switzerland with pure milk from the Swiss Alps, these high-quality premium formulations are specially fortified with Beta Palmitate for optimal early-life growth energy.

Tebramil Premium comes in both Standard formulas, which provides a complete balance of essential nutrients comparable to those found in breast milk and in Specialty formulations, designed to address the special nutrition needs and feeding problems of your child.

Tebramil, our most budget-friendly range of Swiss precision milk, developed for infants and toddlers 0 to 3 years old, provides all of the recommended and essential nutrients your child needs for their healthy and undisturbed growth.

Tebramil delivers on our promise of quality Swiss-made nutrients that only nature can outmatch.

(Age Range)
STANDARD Super Premium 1 Starter 0-6 months
Super Premium 2 Follow-on 6-12 months
Super Premium 3 Growing-up 1-3 years
(Age Range)
STANDARD Premium 1 Starter 0-6 months
Premium 2 Follow-on 6-12 months
Premium 3 Growing-up 1-3 years
SPECIALTY Premium Anti-Colic Low Lactose 0-12 months
Premium Anti-Regurgitation AR1 Starter 0-6 months
Premium Anti-Regurgitation AR2 Follow-on 6-12 months
Premium Hypo-Allergenic 0-12 months
Premium Lactose Free 0-12 months
(Age Range)
STANDARD Tebramil 1 Starter 0-6 months
Tebramil 2 Follow-on 6-12 months
Tebramil 3 Growing-up 1-3 years
Tebramil Premium

Our most Specialized Range

Specialty Formulas
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Our most Budget-friendly Range

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Features at a Glance

Tebramil Super Premium Fortified with Lactoferrin

Lactoferrin, a vital component of the immune system, enhances your infant’s antibacterial defense system, especially in their early first months of life when the immune system is most vulnerable to attacks by bacteria and other pathogens.

The second most abundant protein in breast milk, especially in First Milk, Lactoferrin promotes the healthy development of infant’s gastrointestinal system, by supporting the growth of good intestinal bacteria, while retarding the development of bad ones.

It also plays a role in the development of strong bones, serves as an antioxidant among other useful functions.

With so much riding on the healthy development of your child’s immune and gastrointestinal systems, Tebramil Super Premium formulas have been specially fortified with Lactoferrin to give your infants and toddlers the best possible start in life.

Tebramil, Caringly made nutrition,Inspired nature!

Features at a Glance

Fat (Energy) intake from breast milk decreases with age due to diet diversification, while Protein intake increases due to growth requirements.

Tebramil formulas replicate this nutritional balance

Tebramil, delivering Energy & Protein, for healthy development and active lives…

Tebramil Premium & Super Premium Fortified with Beta Palmitate

Breast milk fats provide about 50% of the energy infants require for normal development and growth; of these fats, about 98% are supplied by Beta Palmitate, an OPO Triglycerides molecules comprised of 2 Oleic and 1 Palmitic Fatty Acid.

With more than 70% of the saturated fatty acid located within the Palmitic (or sn-2 Palmitate) position of the Triglycerides molecule as shown in the diagram, breast milk fat is unlike any other for its efficient delivery of maximum energy to your infant.

Tebramil Premium and Super Premium Standard Formulas are specially fortified with Beta Palmitate to mimic the abundant fat energy content of breast milk, thereby delivering optimal energy and calcium for your infant’s healthy development.

With TEBRAMIL products, your infants and toddlers will have the best possible nutritional start in life.
Beta Palmitate, delivering optimal Energy, for healthy development…
Tebramil Premium and Super Premium have Fat Structure similar to Breast Milk.