Our History

Pharmex, Swiss in Origin, Global in Perspective

Headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, and global in presence, Pharmex was founded, and is managed by professionals with a strong passion for health, nutrition and personal care, developed over more than 30 years at leading companies in these sectors.

Dedicated to making access to high quality healthcare available to all, we are active in and are passionate about the pharmaceuticals business. We additionally believe that healthy lives begin with and are supported by great nutrition and the pampering of our bodies, this belief has found expression in our food and personal care businesses.

With solid investments in state-of-the-art Business Services capabilities and through our affiliations and partnerships with world-class Swiss and leading European providers, our products and services benefit from decades of know-how in meeting and anticipating your health, nutrition, personal care and business needs.


Management Team

Improving lives globally through quality nutrition and increased access to innovative healthcare

Our Purpose

Our Vision

We strive to improve lives globally through quality nutrition and increased access to innovative healthcare choices.

Our Mission

By creating truly impactful healthcare, personal care and nutritional products and services, we commit to evolving a healthier, happier world which benefits all of our stakeholders, while positively impacting the environment we collectively share.

Our Values & Culture

We hold these values central in the fulfilment of our Vision and Mission

Interconnections: We are collaborative and caring; we see consensus and inclusion as drivers of diversity and creators of opportunities in all that we do. We put the wellbeing of our employees, our customers, our communities and the environment at the center of everything we do, for without them there would be no us.

Responsibility/Accountability: We make promises we intend to keep. We plan for success and are adaptive in the face of adversity. We are deliberate and focus once we start on the journey of fulfilling our commitments. We take ownership of both our successes and occasional failures.

Quality: We value your health and wellbeing as though it is our own, as a result, we are culturally obsessed with the quality of all that we do for you. We leave nothing to chance, gaining perspective from constantly expanding the boundaries of our knowledge through research and development. We set higher standards for ourselves than those mandated and we constantly strive to perfect our creations to meet your needs and surpass your expectations.

Pro-active Innovators: We are a culture of doers. We drive innovation born of creative insight derived from personal experience, collective wisdom and market intelligence. As entrepreneurs we are comfortable with purposeful decision making that drives value creation.

Unconventional Thinkers: We are contrarian by nature, we bend and sometimes break with convention when our creative vision illuminates the radically beneficial hidden in plain sight. This value is embodied in our belief that the fusion of nature and technology holds the promise of a brighter future for the health and wellbeing of our customers and the environment. We will channel that fusion to you.

Our Corporate Culture

Living Our Values

Pharmex is a company of contrarians and doers. We find no to be an unacceptable answer!

When others run for the exit, we rise to the challenge. When healthcare solutions are nowhere to be found, we invent them; we never say never because we know that to attain success, we must overcome adversity.

We believe that to make the irrelevant relevant, we must connect the dots that exists between the minds of the one and that of the many.

To lead the way to a brighter, healthier and enjoyable future, we must drill deep within ourselves and discover our relevant strengths.

To do the unbelievable for you, we must listen, reflect, then radically transform the known into the unknown – into new health and personal care solutions.

We are Pharmex and we are Innovative Contrarians!

Our Social & Environmental Commitment

At Pharmex, we believe sustainability leads to a healthier ecology and sustained profitability for us and our supporting communities.
As a health, nutrition and personal care company, we are well aware of the adverse impact our activities have on the environment with regards to raw material procurement and the product development processes. We also realize that the road to a healthier environment requires more than the effort of one company, and must include the participation of all of our stakeholders in crafting and committing to sustainable solutions that benefit our company, our communities and the environment.

That is why we have set the following sustainability goals as the guiding principles governing the development, consumption and disposal of our product/services and all participants engaged in their development:


Whenever and wherever possible, we will make every effort to produce our product with renewable resources.

Local sourcing & Processing

We will minimize our environmental footprint, while expanding our community economic presence by sourcing and processing as much of our raw materials locally. This has the benefits of reducing our logistics and associated costs, while stimulating multiple sectors of the local economy.

Research & Development

We will push the frontier of product innovation, while reducing our resource needs and thus, our impact on the ecology, by forging synergies between science and the environment via pioneering research and development.

Environmental Awareness Training & Information Sharing

We will ensure that all of our employees share our common vision of sustainability and are equipped to contribute to its realization by making environmental training and information sharing an integral part of our culture.

Likewise, through eco-friendly packaging and disposal awareness, we will assist our customers in doing their part for a healthier environment.

We realize these goals are not always easy to enact, however we are firm in our resolve to work with our partners and the community for their realization, as they form part of our Mission and greater Vision.