Superior Quality Products, for Healthier, Happier Lives


Headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, and global in presence, Pharmex was founded and is managed by professionals with a strong passion for healthcare, nutrition, and cosmetics developed over more than 30 years at leading companies in these sectors.

Via our affiliate companies’ activities in the pharmaceutical sector, we are dedicated to making high quality medicines and medical devices accessible to all. Additionally, our belief—that healthy lives begin with excellent nutrition supported by wellness pampering—has found expression in our nutrition, and beauty care businesses.

With solid investments in state-of-the-art production facilities, and through our affiliations and partnerships with leading European suppliers, our products and services benefit from decades of know-how in anticipating and meeting the needs of global consumers.

Pharmex, Swiss In Origin, Global In Perspective.


Past, Present & Future


Laboratorios Pérez Giménez was founded


Operations start at the new Cordoba facilities

Foundationed on over 90 years of history


Continued Global Expansion of Group Activities


Squares - Group Evolution
Squares - Group Evolution
Squares - Group Evolution
Squares - Group Evolution
Squares - Group Evolution
Squares - Group Evolution


Calmante Vitaminado becomes the best-selling analgesic in Spain



Birth of Pharmex SA Switzerland

Pharmex acquires the portfolio and manufacturing facilities of Laboratorios Pérez Giménez & Pharmex Advanced Laboratories is born


Business operations streamlined under Pharmex Group Spain

Among Top Global Healthcare Conglomerates

Pharmex, Swiss in Origin, Global in Perspective.


Pharmex and its affiliates were founded and are managed by professionals with a strong passion for and commitment to the sectors in which we operate, with each bringing decades of experience earned at leading companies in our chosen sectors and in related disciplines.

Our purpose

Superior Quality Products, for Healthier, Happier Lives

Our Vision

We strive to improve lives through economically accessible high-quality healthcare and nutrition.

Our Mission

Superior Quality Products, for Healthier, Happier Lives: Pharmex is committed to creating a healthier, happier world through best-in-class collaborations that result in the development of superior quality pharmaceuticals, nutrition, personal, and wellness care products and services.

Our values

We hold these values central in the fulfilment of our Mission and Vision:


Proactive and Committed

We deliver!


Fast & Efficient

We are ready for change!


Creative by Definition

We provide innovative solutions.


Passion for Excellence

We put our hearts into achieving excellence.


Diverse and Humble

We embrace difference.


Living Our Values

Pharmex is a company of contrarians and doers. We find no to be an unacceptable answer!

When others run for the exit, we rise to the challenge. When healthcare solutions are nowhere to be found, we invent them; we never say never because we know that to attain success, we must overcome adversity.

We believe that to make the irrelevant relevant, we must connect the dots that exists between the minds of the one and that of the many.

To lead the way to a brighter, healthier and enjoyable future, we must drill deep within ourselves and discover our relevant strengths.

To do the unbelievable for you, we must listen, reflect, then radically transform the known into the unknown – into new health, nutrition, and beauty care solutions.

We Are Pharmex,
We Are Swiss In Origin And Global In Perspective..