Superior Quality Products, for Healthier, Happier Lives


At Pharmex, Quality is not just a promise, it’s one of our core values!


At Pharmex, we are culturally obsessed with Quality and the pursuit of knowledge for its attainment.

As a Swiss Food and Healthcare company, we operate in an environment defined by the world’s leading food and healthcare giants. With production, operational, and legal standards far exceeding those found in most advanced nations, we hold ourselves to these Swiss standards and to an even higher standard, our customers’ expectation of quality and service excellence.

Our Infant nutrition in general, are all made with the finest ingredients and our milk formulas in particular, are all made with 100% cow’s milk sourced from Switzerland.

Our healthcare products likewise, are held to the same high Swiss standards and are all produced in state-of the-art facilities by well-trained experts with decades of experience.

Supporting all our products, is our commitment to utilize the latest advances in healthcare and nutrition for the benefit of your health and wellbeing.

Whether conducted by us, our partners, or driven by our industry, we are constantly seeking innovative ways to improve upon the products that today satisfies the ever-changing needs of your Lifestyle and lifecycles.


Nutrition Business Segment

Pharmex food products cur­rently meets the fol­low­ing qual­ity stan­dards, which are reg­u­larly checked and up­dated by us and our production partners:

Nutrition Business Segment

Pharmex ensures quality through a passion for detail. Our experts have created a quality control system that meets FDA requirements.

Personal Care Business Segment

Pharmex ensures quality through a passion for detail. Our experts have created a quality control system that meets FDA requirements.


At Pharmex, we believe sustainability leads to a healthier ecology and sustained profitability for us and our supporting communities.

As a health, nutrition and personal care company, we are aware of the adverse impact our activities may have on the environment. We also realize that the road to a healthier environment requires more than the effort of one company and must include the participation of all stakeholders in crafting and committing to sustainable solutions that benefit our company, our communities and the environment.

That is why we have set the following sustainability goals as the guiding principles governing the development, consumption and disposal of our product/services:


Whenever and wherever possible, we will make every effort to produce our product with renewable resources

Local sourcing & Processing:

We will minimize our environmental footprint, while expanding our community economic presence by sourcing and processing as much of our raw materials locally. This has the benefits of reducing our logistics and associated costs, while stimulating multiple sectors of the local economy.

Research & Development:

We will push the frontier of product innovation, while reducing our resource needs and thus, our impact on the ecology, by forging synergies between science and the environment via pioneering research and development.

Environmental Awareness Training & Information Sharing:

We will ensure that our employees share our common vision of sustainability and are equipped to contribute to its realization by making environmental training and information sharing an integral part of our culture.

Likewise, where possible, we will make every effort to minimize the environmental footprint of our packaging.

We realize these goals are not always easy to enact, however we are firm in our resolve to work with our partners and the community for their realization, as they form part of our Mission and greater Vision.